CNY YeeSang Big Yellow Plate with motif of Longevity character word

Ayer Itam, Malaysia

Kongsi Dengan Rakan-rakan

CNY YeeSang Big Yellow Plate with motif of Bats Holding Longevity Character Word The word "Bat" (Fu, Chinese: 蝠) in Chinese sounds identical to the word for luck which is a pair of homophones implied linguistic. Bat is commonly recognized as good fortune in Chinese culture. Five longevity words with combination Bats holding it regard as an auspicious in Chinese traditions. It closely associated with the Five Elements Wu Xing Chinese: 五行 which are essential for a good life as well as the basic organisational principle in Chinese thought. As a result, the number five appears ubiquitously as in the Five Blessings. According to Chinese culture, when five bats grouped together, an auspicious meaning "Five good fortunes" is created. Diameter 18in

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Ayer Itam, Malaysia