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Corvan Cordless Anti-Allergen Bed Vacuum (NEW)


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Receive as a gift from parent, already have one so im letting it go! Original price: Rm 998 * tried use once only, cheap let go due to my maid throw away the box already* 4-5month warranty left. The ONLY Cordless Vacuum specialised in removing ALLERGEN from mattresses, sofas and cushions! [5 KEYS FEATURES] ● Safe and tangle-free cordless; now your children can clean their own bed ● Triple-action; loosen, kill and vacuum bacteria, viruses and dust mites in one go ● 3-stage true HEPA-filtration system ● Hi-spec Li-ion battery; clean up to 8 queen-size bed in 1 charge. ● Award winning product engineered in USA Other Features: 1. Cordless Convenience - No more cumbersome wires to deal with. Corvan Bed Vacuum is safe and energy saving. 2. Charging Cradle - Matching charging cradle charges the unit as soon as it’s in place. The charging is cut off automatically when fully charged. 3. Cordless and tangle-free- Baby Safe - no dangerous AC wire - Reduce chemical usage due to frequent washing, no risk of electric shock - Dual safety switch to avoid human exposure to UV light 4. A must have for pet lovers - Effectively eliminate pet dander and allergy triggering microorganisms 5. Super Efficient 6000pa Cyclonic Vacuuming Turbine - The high-spec 31000RPM turbine produces superb suction power to pick up dead dust mite, its excretion and egg yet energy saving 7. Eliminate Bacteria and Virus - Medical-grade super-sized 13 inches double strength 253.7nm UVC germicidal lamp to eliminate up to 99.99% of bacteria and viruses - much more effective compare to other bed vacuum that uses single tube or low power UV lamp - the 8000 vibration/minute pulsating pad effectively loosen allergen like dust mite, its excretion and fine dust trap deep under the surface of mattresses that is difficult to remove with a regular vacuum. 8. HEPA Filtration System - Corvan UV Bed Vacuum uses advance 3 stage HEPA filtration system to trap particles as fine as 0.3 micron so that only clean air gets to be released 9. Rechargeable LITHIUM ION - High power LI-ION rechargeable battery allow for 25-35 minutes run to clean up to 8 queen-sized bed in one charge [Product Specification] ◆BATTERY CAPACITY:2200mA ◆BATTERY TYPE: Li-ion ◆VOLTAGE: 18V ◆UV TUBE POWER: 10W ◆VIBRATION PAD FREQUENCY: 8000/min ◆NETT WEIGHT:1.4kg ◆DUST BIN CAPACITY:500ml ◆SUCTION POWER: 6000pa [What's in the box] -bed vacuum -charging base -charging adapter -bed vacuum manual



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2019 Nov