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2017秋季Dior最新专柜同步同款 灵感源泉: 这款珍珠配水钻跑鞋,将Dior迪奥品牌登峰造极的精湛工艺与拉夫•西蒙的都市世界完美融合,是不可或缺的时尚配饰。这款洋溢现代气息的舒适鞋款上,以手工刺绣Dior先生挚爱的花朵。 特点: 黑色高科技面料跑鞋,今年流行电绣++纯手工刺绣,美的无法胜收。闪闪的牟钉扣✨每一焦点 白色胶质鞋底 Autumn 2017 Dior's latest collection Inspirational Sources: This pearl with a water drill running shoes, the best of the exquisite craftsmanship and Ralph Simon's urban world perfect integration, is indispensable fashion accessories. hand embroidered flowers Features: Black high-tech fabric running shoes, electric embroidery + pure hand embroidery, Shiny Buckles  White gummy sole Size: 34-41 Colour: BLACK,BLUE,WHITE,PINK Please take note that this is preorder item, takes 10-14days to arrive. DM for more pictures. Thank you! 😊

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