Kongsi Dengan Rakan-rakan

Be dazzled by this nifty limited edition silver coin where the inspiration of the design is taken from the famously known "Kijang Emas", a Bank Negara's produce. Classic and bold, this Dirham 999 silver coin is an excellent choice for collectibles and the best gift option to be presented to your loved ones. *Limited edition with serial no. Design menarik dengan nombor siri (keluaran terhad-limited) 1 Dirham weight 2.975g (Pengeluaran hanya 3000 unit) 5 Dirham weight 14.87g (Pengeluaran hanya 2000 unit) 10 Dirham weight 29.75g (Pengeluaran hanya 1000 unit) 1 Dirham Rm28 5 Dirham Rm65 10 Dirham Rm120 Whatsapp for fast response : 018-4007952

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Pasir Gudang, Malaysia

Pasir Gudang