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Create an adorable, ever-lasting imprints of your baby's chubby hand and footprint with our DIY baby hand & footprint kit. NO MIXING! NO WAITING! NO TOXIC! NO MESSY! Three simple steps: 1. Simply roll the dough and put into the tin casing. 2. Press your baby hand or foot gently onto the dough. 3. Decorate the dough. *Repeat if the first outcome is not satisfied. Ta-daa~~ Leave the dough air-dry and it can be keep up to 10 years! The DIY kit features: 1. A blue or pink tin casing 2. One dough - choose between blue, white or mint green 3. A transparent, dust-protective cover 4. A set of assorted accessories for decoration 5. Picker for inserting letters/words 6. A stand The tin casing is about 20cm in diameter, suitable even for children up to aged 10. Shop now for your own or as a gift! #take5off

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RM8 for West Malaysia; RM12 for East Malaysia. COD can be arranged for certain locations, subject to the availability of time.