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You spend almost 4-5 hours on the road daily in your commute to work, appointments as well as fetching your family and friends on the road. However, there are tons of careless drivers, criminals as well as road bullies who share the road with you. Furthermore in most cases of an accident, the other party will blame you instead and argue to the police that you are at fault instead of them. This is why you need the Eagle-i Dashcam malaysia. The camera is clear enough to record car plates as well as the details of the incident. - FREE RM30K PA insurance - FREE 8Gb SD Card - 12 months E-warranty if you register Eagle-I CVR E-warranty through the Eagle-I Mobile Apps from the date of purchase. - Warranty registration via Eagle-I Official Website are subjected to 6(six) months warranty period ONLY. - Exclude Installation Fee - We can advise you the authorized/appointed car workshop for installation, fix installation fees apply.

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RM7 for Peninsular Malaysia RM15 for East Malaysia