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Product details of ENI ( Agip ) Engine Oil Synthetic 10W-40 API SN 4 Liters The synthetic components form an oily film which adheres tenaciously to metal surfaces even when the engine has been standing for some time, thus ensuring easy starting and greatly reduced wear even under high load conditions. Specially selected base stocks, with a naturally high Viscosity Index, reduce the amount of VI- improving additives, which are more subject to deterioration in use. The presence of low-volatility synthetic components with high thermal stability reduces oil consumption due to volatility. The good detergent-dispersant properties minimize the formation of lacquer and varnish, as well as sludge and other engine deposits. Hence eni i-Sint Super SN 10W-40 helps preventing ring sticking and keeps pistons clean, while maintaining potential deposits in suspension. Eni i-Sint Super SN 10W-40 is very resistant to deterioration, especially that caused by oxidation resulting from prolonged exposure to high temperatures in the presence of air and other agents. SPECIFICATIONS: API SN ACEA A3/B4 SAE 10W-40 4 Liters APPROVALS: MB Approval 229.3 VW 502 00, 505 00 Eni S.p.A Refining & Marketing Division, Rome, Italy. https://www.eni.com

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