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The Eve Love PEARL Breastpump is an established HOSPITAL-GRADE BREASTPUMP which is proven to be aHEAVY DUTY BREASTPUMP OF MORE THAN 2000 HOURS DURABILITY. Designed for QUALITY, COMFORT & DURABILITY,  this breastpump is suitable for all mothers especially those who are keen on Breastfeeding for Long Term, Tandem Nursing, Relactation, Inducing Lactation and Power Pumping. The comfortable yet effective suction along with THE OPTION OF PUMPING RIGHT, LEFT OR BOTH BREASTS AT THE SAME TIME can assist mothers to build up & maintain their breastmilk supply, ensuring sufficiency for baby's needs.   SPECIAL FEATURES: 1. Heavy Duty Hospital Grade Breastpump (Advisable to use Adaptor for Optimum Suction) 2. OPTION OF PUMPING RIGHT, LEFT OR BOTH BREASTS AT THE SAME TIME with Two functioning Motors in One shell. Smooth-handling knob can be turned to adjust according to need to pump either dual, right or left breast. 3. Dual-Phase Expression Technology. Mimics baby's natural sucking rhythm. 4. Touch Button for Comfortable Use. 5. Multilevel Suction Force (9 Levels) for Mother's Comfort & Efficient Breasts Emptying. 6. Built in Anti Backflow Mechanism in Motor using active blow piston function to avoid backflow of milk. 7. Minimal Sound Level, can discreetly pump milk anywhere, and anytime. 8. Silicon Breastshields for Maximum Comfort. 9. Safety Feature. Pressure Sensor to control suction force. Detection of abnormally high usage of suction force will result in machine shutting down, automatically protecting mother's breasts.   What's Included? 1. Dust Cap x 2 2. Silicon Cushion x 2 3. Plastic Brace x 2 4. Bottle Connector x 2 5. Inner Cap Stopper x 2 6. Bladder Cap x 2 7. Bladder x 2 8. Tubing Connector x 2 9. Tubing x 2 10. Seal Cap x 2 11. Bottle Adaptor x 2 12. AC Adaptor x 1 13. Valve x 2 14. Flap x 4 15. Wide Neck Bottle x 2 16. Bottle Stand x 2 17. Battery Lid Closure x 1 18. Motor x 1 19. INSTRUCTION MANUAL & WARRANTY CARD Condition: 9.5/10 (used 3 times only) Serious buyer can call me 017-5710457 (faz) *Price can nego *no charge for COD

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