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[MY G.O] MYBLACKLABEL 1ST PB 'BEAUTIFUL' STOCK SALE * Required MYBLACKLABEL 1ST PB 'BEAUTIFUL' STOCK SALE two photobooks. page can be changed. book1 A4 size / about 144page / 2012-2013 book2 A4 size / about 216page / 2014-2016.3 (~ exoluxion.dot concert) GIFT OVERSEAS GIFT : Hardcase, mini photobook ALL GIFT : postcards, photocards, transparent photocards, electromagnetic wave blocking sticker, A2 Poster, A1 Poster, Sticker, FAN Price (Deposit ONLY) PHOTOBOOK 1 SET RM210 PERIOD ~ 11th August 2017 9PM PAYMENT METHOD: MAYBANK / BSN BANK *Price stated does not include the EMS fees, PayPal fees and local postage. There will have the 2nd payment for EMS fees, PayPal fees & local postage. EMS fees will be depends on the quantity of orders received. If more orders received, the price would be more cheap since that we will splint across the EMS fees for the total quantity of the orders received. Attention: - Gift & schedule may be change. - Refund due to changing of your mind will be not allowed, so please determine your purchasing carefully. - You will receive our confirmation e-mail once we received your order. - Your order will be cancelled automatically if you're late to make payment before the deadline. - WE APPRECIATE SERIOUS BUYERS. - If you have any question, please contact us

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