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FENDER ULTRA CHORUS Stereo Amplifier MADE IN USA 2X12, (1980's Model) Good Condition, Just Serviced!


Kelana Jaya LRT Station

Hi! This is a USED FENDER ULTRA CHORUS Stereo Amplifier. Bought this in the 90s' and its an authentic Fender amp. MADE IN USA! Its still in good condition, But note that it has an expanded area at the front grill (which is expected with aging). I just had it serviced a month ago. Specs: 2 channels 2 x 65 watts amp Solid state 2 x 12* Fender speakers made by EMINENCE Clean & Distortion sounds Review by a user: This is quite an impressive sound box.....with Fender's legendary clean sound that musicians have come to expect from Fender. With its 2x12" speakers and it's built in chorus, this amp will even rival the vaunted Roland an even better and achievable price point ! Speaking of the built in chorus, aside from the rate and depth knobs, there is an also an LED that blinks in time with the rate that has been set. So similar to a tap tempo control, (except, instead of tapping with your foot, you twist a knob) you can actually set the rate to sync with the beat of whatever song you are playing...super cool ! With great sounding genuine spring reverb onboard as well. What is really surprising about this amp is the overdrive's not a tube amp by any stretch, but the gain/distortion on this amp is very impressive for a solid state amp ! I plug a double humbucker guitar into this amp (like my Dean VX Flying V,soon to also be for sale here on ebay) and with a sure touch and a strong vibrato, you can make the two of them sing! Your tele sounds like a tele on the treble pickup, while on the neck pickup, you can get statocaster type sounds on top of your tradiitional tele timbres! Speaking of which, when I plug in a higher end guitar, like my made in the USA Fender Stratocaster, (also for sale here on ebay),this amp really ROARS ! It sounds so great for an analog really lets your guitar's sound shine! You've also a got prescence control, which comes in handy as you turn up the gain to your taste. Also has TWO effects loops so you can run a loop in mono or TWO loops in STEREO....super cool ! Finally, it has a footswitch input in the front. Vintage "Blackface" type model that's made in the good ole USA and built American tough ! I have been plugging in to the 2nd input on this amp, as it seems to have the best output. Sounds so good ! The 1st input appears to work, but is not as loud. The washer that holds it in place is a little loose and I wonder if the input jack itself is a little loose. Never was a problem for me, as the 2nd input works perfectly. I look at it like having a hi input (the 2nd input) as well as a low input, kinda like some Peavey amps and other brands that do the hi-lo input thing.

6 months ago In Music Instruments

Listed by r16941

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2019 Dec

Easy to communicate with seller. Fast replies and gave a good deal! Thank you!!πŸ‘πŸΌ

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