Feng Shui Golden Dragon Luxury Gift 24k Gold Plated

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Kajang, Malaysia

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handicraft work 24K gold plated metal decorative gift  Self collect kajang or buyer pays for shipping size 6 1/4" tall x 5 1/4" wide x 4" depth (incl casing) Product chinese golden dragon figurine 24K Gold plated & copper The art of gift of gold is very popular in recent years, high-end business gifts in one, the 24K gold nanotechnology and advanced through the casting process is refined, the product will never fade, you can keep it forever. 2. The gold works of art for the three-dimensional shape, the inner hollow. covering the surface layer of gold purity of 99.9%.  3.as business gifts, birthday gifts, wedding gifts, New Year gifts, religious gifts, decorative gifts, collectibles gifts, culture, art, gifts and more. Caution: *No allow to use a hardness hitting on the surface of the product. *No allow to touch chemical liquid. *No allow to touch product by your hand. * Allow wipe the dust with the soft suede fabric,neutral lotion and gloves you need on. *Allow the product show in the dry and clean environment, in order to maintain the product bright as new till a long time

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Kajang, Malaysia