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🌟 All Ready Stock 🌟 Free Shipping (Delivery / Ship within 1 day) 🌟 100% Brand New and High Quality • Compact (Easy storage) and suitable to bring around or even traveling in car • Detachable white board, different angle to draw and play • Magnetic fun puzzle for effective and creative learning • Entertaining while learning alphabets and drawing • Unleash the creativity and imagination • Train and improve motor coordination, memory and creativity • Multi-functional; writing and drawing board and jigsaw puzzle board • Packaging Size: 29.6x 14.2 cm It is a compact and easy storage learning set that excite and fascinate every kid and baby. They can now learn at home or even play on the magnetic puzzle while traveling. It is a detachable white board that every home needed. The board is useful for learning of alphabets and drawing. It help to unleash the unlimited creativity and imagination of your kid and baby. Compatible to use with magnetic puzzle to improve learning process. It is actually entertaining while learning mathematic, clock, alphabets and drawing. The learning process eventually help to train and improve the motor coordination, memory and creativity.

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