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Jungkook x0 rm33 SOLD Namjoon x0 rm26 SOLD Jimin x0 rm33 SOLD Yoongi x0 rm31 SOLD Jin x1 rm24 Tae x0 rm33 SOLD Hoseok x1 rm23 Group x0 rm32 SOLD Tae and jimin/Vmin x0 rm33 SOLD Hobi and Yoongi/sope x1 rm27 Inc frame exc 1 big one so either group/vmin/sope (tell me if you don't want a frame) Ready stock No nego IMPORTANT !! : For this album you need to pay in 2 days or else your order will be cancelled. Reservation is accepted for only 1 week. Please be punctual when paying.

Pilihan Urus Janji


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Preferably on weekends at any time

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