#FreePostage Special Multipurpose Shark Baby Blanket

Kluang, Malaysia

Kongsi Dengan Rakan-rakan

Multipurpose shark baby blanket, can be used as bed blanket, strollers bed, crib blanket, sleeping bag or even as toy storage compartment! Specifications: Color: Black Blanket size: (H) 93cm (W) 58cm Length of front : 78cm Suitable for boys and girls, up to age 3. Material: 100% cotton; light and breathable material. Can be washed with washing machine. If you found the cheapest Shark Baby Blanket , please compare the material and quality, most of them are polyester, it is artificial fiber. Special features: 1. Side hide zipper allowing easy open/close without disturbing the child 2. Reserve silts/cuttings for stroller/car seat