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Key Feature ~Mini-designed to minimize blocking too much of the windshield ~Loop Recording and Motion Detection ~Ultra Wide Angle HD Lens ~1080 Full HD ~2.5" HD display ~Maximum Memory support : 32GB. ~Can record front & rear **Price is not including MEMORY CARD ~BLACK BOX is your road eye for everything occurs while you are driving. The high quality video & audio can be timely and strong evidence to address accident and distinguish responsibility. It's also a functional assistant of your private security. The DVR can capture clear videos for owners who want to monitor their cars. For professional engaged in the work of police officers, journalists, detectives, lawyers, Taxi, etc Occasionally, if there is something unexpected happens on your way, you can record and share it on your website. What's more, as a picture & video enthusiast, you will never let beautiful scenery pass you by. So you don't need to take many big and heavy instruments, just use this high quality DVR to help you.

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