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Product Description: This item Shipped from Overseas. Please allow 8-14 days. ❤️In return to your patience and support, we are selling our product at lower, affordable price.❤️ Cotton+Lace material. Available in 2 colours and sizes: 🎀 Pink 🎀 Blue *Choose Base on baby's Height. If she is bigger, choose one size up* 100cm Blouse: Length 37cm Chest 26x2 Pant: Length 23cm Waist 21x2 110cm Blouse: Length 40cm Chest 29x2 Pant: Length 24cm Waist 22x2 120cm Blouse: Length 43cm Chest 32x2 Pant: Length 25cm Waist 23x2 130cm Blouse: Length 45cm Chest 33x2 Pant: Length 26cm Waist 24x2 140cm Blouse: Length 47cm Chest 34x2 Pant: Length 27cm Waist 25x2 Item include: 1 * Shirt + Skirt ❤️We begin filling pre-orders on the day we receive the payment confirmation. We process and ship orders 7 days a week so in most instances you can expect to receive your shipping notification in around 7 working days. However, we appreciate your kindness on allowing up to 14days buffer.❤️

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