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GRAB/UBER Car Ionizer Sharp Plasmacluster Ion Generator IGDC2EB #listforikea


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1 unit car ionizer Sharp Plasmacluster Ion Generator Model: IGDC2EB For Car Use Condition: New in Box. Never Use. No defect. Body Colour: Metallic Black Power Consumption:1.8W / 0.7W / 0.5W Operation modes3: (turbo / med / low) Weight(g): Approx. 265 (excluding accessories) Dimension (WxHxD)Upper: 74 mm, Lower: 65 mm, Height: 162 mmIon density (approx.)75,000/ 25,000/ 7,000 ions/cm3 Power Supply: Car adapter (DC 12 V) Rated ouput: DC5V (Max. 2 A for 2 ports) Recommended area: 3.6 m3 Full set comes with its car charger. Only the box is bent slightly as per picture. As car ionizer, this Sharp IG-DC2E-B functions to: 1. Purify air by settling airborne particles and dust 2. Disinfect viruses 3. Deodorize bad smell 4. Remove adhered mold and suspend further mold 5. Remove allergens from dead dust mites and dust mite faeces The unit is cylindrical in shape, looks like a typical water container, and fit in the cup holder in the car. Installation is pretty easy, just need to remove its back cover to plug in the power connection cable, route the power cord to come out from either one of its two outlets (one near its middle, and another near its bottom) , then cover back the back cover. Plug the other end of the power connection cable to the car's lighter socket, and it is ready to operate. There are 3 available operation modes: Low: ion density of 7,000 ions per cubic centimetre, quiet, consume less power (1.1 watt). High: ion density of 25,000 ions per cubic centimetre, noisier, consume more power (1.8 watt). Turbo: ion density of 50,000 ions per cubic centimetre, noisiest, consume most power (2.7 watt).The IZ-C75CE Plasmacluster ion generating unit can be seen after removing the back cover of the IG-DC2E-B. It has a lifespan of approximately 19,000 hours (more than 6 years) and need replacement upon end of life. If you are a GRAB or UBER driver this is a must-have in your car. God knows what your passengers bring into your car (airborne desease included!) If you smoke in your car, get this to deodorize your car. Your wife, husband, boyfriend or girlfriend will love you more as you are being considerate. Letting go of this white elephant as I don't need it and it's just laying around the house. This retails around RM 510. Letting go for RM 399 including postage to West Malaysia.

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Include postage to West Malaysia Postage to East Malaysia add RM 5

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jasleena.enterpriseAppreciate the kind support, thank you for your business..
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jasleena.enterpriseAlhamdulillah...appreciate the kind feedback. Enjoy your cheese cake. Great buyer to deal with. Highly recommended Buyer!
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jasleena.enterpriseAlhamdulillah truly appreciate the kind feedback and compliments. Please enjoy your purchase :-)