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Gugu Swadddle Pod helps baby to self-soothe, sleep longer and deeper. Ergonomic design make it fit to the baby's body making them feel like womb fit. Carefully selected fabric prevent baby from overheating. More features ✓ No label inside ✓ New Design Opening For Arm ✓ Double Zipper for easy diaper change ✓ Large opening for easy wearing ✓ Custom zipper for baby clothing only ✓ Toogle tent secure zipper head ✓ Protective layer protect baby from zipper line ✓ High quality stretchable cotton ✓ Genius strap for easy fitting with baby's height ✓ Easy care fabric (machine washable)

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Seri Kembangan, Malaysia

9am - 9pm

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RM 7 for Peninsular Malaysia RM 9 for East Malaysia