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How To Be More Handsome To Your Lover


4 months ago by tmasteroverlord








Welcome, You are awesome and handsome, always remember that. She cannot live without your Spark. You are unique in every way to her, remember that. This is for Men who wants to seek advice or tips on how to be more handsome to your lover. Why You Should Be More Handsome: + To attract a beautiful Woman + To make her come back for more + To keep your woman + To win competition with other Men and win her attention + Your relationship can last longer than the previous one To Be Handsome On The Outside: + Wash that handsome face of yours twice a day, to remove the dirt and the oil to avoid from the build-up of blackheads + If you are wearing glasses, consider upgrading your eyewear game or start wearing lenses this time + Get a fresh haircut on 2019 trends + Use vaseline balm to have a more natural look on your lips. This is to prevent from getting a dry and cracked lips To Be Handsome On The Inside: + Choose to be on your happy path, the right one will be there waiting for you + Give compliments about her + Create more meaningful and happy memories with her + Ask how was her study or work and listen on what she has to say (listen to her. Woman likes to express themselves and that's just how they are. They are happy to be listened to, she wants you to know and understand her struggle, challenges or her happy moments with her friends) I am Master. I like to help Men who wants to be more handsome, grow their mental toughness and to become generally stronger in all areas of their life. I have 8 years of combined research, scientific studies and experiences to help you cut the learning curve. If you are interested for more tips or advice, send me a message on whatsapp or just call me right away. I am more than happy to consult you on becoming the best version of yourself for just rm10.87 Let's talk now: 0139662602 I would like to raise an awareness on helping the plants, animals, people, the world and the Universe. This is my movement called 10Point87. My goal is to help at least 100 people a day and I intend to give the remaining RM0.87 to a charity fund or to a good cause. 100people x RM0.87 = RM87 to a charity fund or to a good cause. If you would like to contribute to my movement, please consider taking action on my consulting call, together we can raise awareness and to keep our movement alive. We live once and that's all we have. Now is the time for us to help and make a difference in the Universe. Message me on whatsapp or just call me right away for a chance to improve your life. My whatsapp: 0139662602



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