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  • skslink.com

    @carousell_my kena jadi orang tengah jual beli. Saya jual tapi tak berani beli sebab tak ada pun SSM kat penjual. Duit burn siapa nak tanggung? Polis ker KPDNKK pun tak boleh tolong. Duit burn tetap burn, pesalah ditangkap nasi sudah menjadi bubur. Baik dealing C.O.D. pun ada risiko sebab pembeli buat² beli terus bawa lari nak tangkap macam mana?

  • angeldinokl

    First time selling already kena scam , first insist text via what’s app, using another lady photo as profile , she said paid tru Chase Bank with extra amount ask me to refund the balance to her account ! The transaction was via a bank but all details were edited with white space... speechless . Beside report spam , what else we can do😭

  • arridha

    Dear angeldinokl my daughter pun kena scam by the same “ Chase Bank”. I told her not to entertain the message as it is a clear scam. Suxh bank is non existence! We need to tell the police

How To Stay Safe On Carousell


2 months ago oleh carousell_my


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Hey Carousellers, your safety is our top priority 💯 To ensure a pleasant & enjoyable Carousell experience, here are some quick tips to guide you through your Carousell journey. 1. Check for user verification - Positive reviews + a verified account - Be sure to check them out! 2. Do NOT bring any conversation(s) out of the platform - (e.g. "Whatsapp me at x to deal!") 3. Deal locally ONLY - Avoid dealing with buyer/seller in another country (e.g, United States) 4. Ensure that payment has been received before sending your item(s) - Check your bank account & ensure that payment has been received. If needed, proof of verification would be good! Find more info here: https://blog.carousell.com/staying-safe-on-carousell/ Happy carouselling 🌟 Psst, do not hesitate to reach out to us at http://caro.sl/contact-carousell if there's anything that we can help you with!

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