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  • luxciouspink.

    Maybe have to avoid purchase from the distribution channel members

  • dustyroses

    @luxciouspink. I've read quite a lot of articles about them before actually buying them and the cases about the FDA not approving has been resolved. FDA has announced that it was merely a misprint. Although they were accused of repackaging their lipsticks, that was few years back and they started to actually make their products in USA. Since they're under the eye of the FDA 😂 so they may be taking ingredients elsewhere other than US, but they do manufacture it in US. 😊 the reviews of the bloggers had written are old stories, the brand has been changing its reputation for the better. At first I was pretty skeptical about the brand and the owner (DoeDeere) but when I bought an authentic and accidentally bought a fake (seller claimed it was original), I could tell a huge difference

  • dhiamiadyawardrobe

    This person i also ask more question about the items dat she sell

In Need Of Opinions


3 years ago by dustyroses




I chatted this girl up about her Lime Crime and saw that the price was pretty low, so naturally I'd thought that it was preloved or a defect item. When I read her description, she stated all the possible questions that buyers might ask. I read them all, but when it came to 'Question 3. This is original?' She answered 'Yes, this is original grade'. So that got me thinking, hence I started chatting with her. Asking whats the difference between authentic grade and original grade. She seems to be reluctant to reply me about the difference so I don't want to push her further, but yet i really wanted to know. I tried explaining to her that if her stocks come from China, which she told me that in the chat, it's probably a fake/inspired. Yet she insist it's not. And lime crime makes their stuff in the US itself If I'm not mistaken. So I'm confused guys. To me, it is an inspired item, but sellers just try to bring up fancy terms like 'original grade'. I did a little googling and found that original grade basically means it's original to that brand (meaning China brand), whereas authentic means it's the REAL brand, like lime crime. But if China is making the same thing as lime crime, wouldn't that mean it's inspired? I mean that's basically the meaning of inspired right? I'm pretty much against fake cosmetic since it is not FDA approved and god knows what that thing contains. So if anyone knows more about original and authentic grades do comment below.

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