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Inflatable Baby Bath Chair THE STAR Create a safe, relaxing environment for your child each time you bathe them in baby bath tubs. This baby bath chair can serve as a cub learning training, and applicable to the floor in the home, bed, bathroom, hang out with a grass, the sea beach, swimming pool, on the back seat, table. Specification: Size: 40 x 40 x 30 cm Material: Non-toxic 6P PVC Thickness: 0.3mm Suitable for age: 7 months to 2 years ​Colors: pink or blue Features: Material that won't cause allergy to your baby's skin Seat height is low, the stability is very good. It is not easy to cause forward fall. This Inflatable Baby Chair can use for normal sofa, learn sit chair, and bath chair. With built-in inflator, easy to carry.

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