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Bugs Leave - Natural Anti Mosquito - Repellent Bracelet - Wristband Plants Oil Based Pest Control for Kids and Adults (Pack of 5) * 100 Natural Safe Mosquito Repellent Bracelet Microfiber wit natural Vegetable oil bracelets itch relief have essentiona plant oils Citronella, Lavender, Eucalyptus and lemongrass as well as soothing Geraniol Oil Extracted from Geranium Plants. * Absolutely no side effects on the human body effective anti-mosquito repellent band long lasting protection up to 240 hrs. Perfect for outdoor activities like Camping, Hunting, running, Hiking, Travelling. Fishing, Grilling, Gardening, Picnics, Golfing and Barbecue Cook-outs. * Adjustable size for both children and adults natural insect deet bands made from non toxic, soft microfiver material, durable and quality-tested to keep those pesky mosquitoes awayoutdoor and indoors * Effective for mosquito control to ensure the health wristbands waterproof, stylish, lightweight, adjustable, one size fits all Kids & Adults. No mess, no spray, no worries, mosquito repellent bands are adjustable, fashionable and comfortable enough to wear both for children and adults. #LagiGempak

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