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1 year ago oleh yoonmin_x


21 Suka


Dalam K-Wave


i waiting for her refund for 3 months until today, she keep saying she is busy in exam. may i know that what exam held for so long months and no any rest time? somthings call online transfer, u just need to spend 5 minutes by using online transfer to me. I bought BTS concert merch file from her on feb , and she post the file with lack of protection. The file is about A4 size but she use a small pieces of hard cover to support the file and put into envelop then post to me... The file is bend and wrinkled. Then she said that kawan C helped her wrap the goods... I ask for full refund and she felt so unfair.. She said it is not her fault, and actually kawan A help her posted on carousell and earn some profit.. eg: kawan A: sell on carousell and earn some profit margin kawan B: HER, who actually is a seller kawan C: her friends who help her to wrap the goods. ermm, that is your matter... I ask for refund, and i will post the file back to her but she was reject me and promised will refund to me also. Mayb some of u thinks that i already keep the file, why still ask for refund? greed? NO, she promised me, i wont greed for just RM35. I just mad she not post the file properly. her ig shop: onlyforbangtaned phone number: 017-60xxx14 BTS MONSTA X TWICE GOT7 VIXX SEVENTEEN

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