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So now,tho u have good reputation,thousands positive feedback..i guess you're not responsible enough to handle my order😊 So here what happen- Buying album from her and made payment on 17/7 ↓ Promise to post on next day which is 18/7 (also provide tracking num) ↓ Using that tracking,i always tracking when i've time to know my item update ~ till 20/7 ,the tracking num she give cannot track(not in system)..so i guess it either the poslaju system have problems or mybe she didn't pos my album yet,but didn't have time to inform me(who keep track from 18/7-20/7 ,i know it baru 3 hari kot,chill la💁,ok fine i chill)..i ask her if she ady post my item or not..then she reply she will get back to me later when she's home.. and im waiting kindly for her reply😁.. ↓ On 23/7..gettin tired already for waiting her reply ~ also tired from checking tracking that show "SORRY TRACKING NOT FOUND😑" ,i chat her again,hoping for update..but no response at all..so i whatsapp her (just realized she give me her phone num be4😴) ↓ So on ws,i ask her if she's the same one i deal be4 ..and yes she is..😊 I ask her to check her courasell chat,then she said that she's have to UNINSTALL it for a while..and say SORRY too..so she explain,that the one who post it is her grandpa..and her grandpa didn't notice my parcel..hm okay,i kinda annoyed since she told me when i ask..like seriously?is that means i don't have hak nak tau status brg ?and i need to spamming her smp kene wsap 😒..hm,nevermind..atleast i know now that there's no problem w tracking num yang i duk check everyday dri 18/7 smp la 23/7..so useless ~😪 Then,she tell me that she will pos on either Monday(24/7) or Tuesday (25/7)..okay,sure..im okay with that..she's also ask for forgiveness,but yeah..just let it go,and then..my waiting continue😴 ↓ On Tuesday (25/7),i can't track the f* tracking num ,and getting tired twice,wonder y this happen to me😓*deep sigh. ..i ws her again .. **Ok wait,tbh im also seller..so i really2 hate to spam people coz i don't like to treat like that too..but,this one special case 💁** ↓ So i ask her,if she ady post my item or not?mybe there's problem with poslaju kot.whatever it is,i need her confirmation since she's the one who knows..but unfortunately ,i just get 2 bluetick✅✅ ..hm,mybe..mybe she's too busy to reply my chat..yup mybe.. ↓ Next day (26/7) Ws her again to know my item status..ask her if she ady post or not..then i let her know,and give her choice..if she's too busy to have tiny time to post my item or to reply my chat..then i'll try to understand,since i know seller also have their on life tho,so i give her choice..its really easy..if she didn't post my item yet,just refund..im okay since im tired of waiting , i lost my interest..🙍 So..after i send long essay to her,she's reply..Yay! Finally😒. Then she let me know thats she too busy with school,program etc. And ASK FOR LAST CHANCE..she will pos tomorrow (27/7).. Okay then,i'll wait.. and there's no ending tho ↓ So yesterday (28/7)..i ask her again,if she post my item or not..and ask if she changed my tracking,so thats y i can't track..(mybe)..but no response..and today i can't see her ws profile pic..i wonder if she blocked me or what..idk..no i just got 2 grey doubletick😊 ↓ So if miss Alya Aqila read this,kindly respond my ws ,tq. **if u want to say that im too fussy or anything,just lettin u know this item preloved,she have it..not preorder that i need 1 months to wait,also she give me f* hope and f* untraceable tracking number..so,please do understand my feelin too🙍 #bts#jimin#irresponsible#scammer#lol #kpop#monstax#exo#got7#caughtinalie~ LATEST UPDATE!!(29/7) After realised getting block by this seller,I ask my friend to inform this seller(through ws) to reply my chat on courasell & check this post out (also 1 -ve fb from me..that i idk she's realized be4 this post or not) ..i ask her refund since she ady use her last chance to post out my parcel.but she chose to post on next monday(i take it as 31/7 )..also i got 1 -ve feedback too coz im .."Impatient" 😂..Alright..i'll wait on monday,and track back my tracking on monday..The End(for now la)~

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