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Great Car Seat for Special children. . 1 set Preloved Recaro Monza Car Seat in store. . This special car seat only for parents who looking for 5 standards. . . 1.car seat for 3 years old up to 12 years old. 2. built-in MP3 speaker system in the headrest of the seat, to keep your little ones (and you) happy on the longest of journeys. 3. easy to adjust the height of the headrest, with a handle at the back, and so it can manage children of different shapes and sizes. 4. armrests for their comfort, but they also provide extra protection around their hips. 5.ISOFIX connection and crash pads, together with full side protection. We only have 1 unit for Grab. . For details, pm or inbox your Phone Number, We will WhatsApp in details. We Guaranteed 🔸 SAVE your money for almost RM980. 🔸 MORE VALUE as very comfort and speaker sound is really GREAT. 🔸 FREE delivery to your door step. . Now for RM690 with delivery. . . Details and Order》》 WhatsApp +6 016 666 8796. . . . #recaro #recarocarseat #recaromonza #prelovedcarseat #babyshop #babystoremalaysia #babysafety #parentingmalaysia #safetycarseat #prelovedbabyitems #prelovedcarseatmalaysia #prelovedbaby #prelovedbazaar #carseatmurah #barangbabymurah #barangbaby

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