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Do you have a Japanese Toyota NSCN-w60 radio that has error message "Please insert correct map SD Card?" If so this auction will help restore functionality of the radio so you can use it again, listen to FM radio and play music but GPS Map function may not work You will receive detailed instructions on how to restore your NSCN-w60 radio back to functionality.  The instructions includes everything you need to get your radio working again including the image software. You will need to provide your own 8gb SD card and a windows computer in order to transfer the image to SD card. SD card Image software is about 8gb in size. Note: This auction is only for the NSCN-w60 and will not work with other radio versions. Also once unlocked  you will not be able to change the language from Japanese to any other language unfortunately. If SD card error message is solved but radio asks for a User password as in the last picture with all the Japanese lettering, I have a solution for this also and can sell at discount.  You will need to unlock via ERC code ( see my other auction). Please message me if you have any questions.

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