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[GROUP ORDER - MALAYSIA ONLY] HI ~! Fa here~ (@chimchimairways) I am taking order for JIMINHOUSE 'SUPERBNESS' BY 지민이의 집 @JIMIN_house DATELINES : 1st payment - 31 AUGUST 2017 2nd payment - TBA Please make sure that you are completely confirmed to buy before filling up the form. Please don't submit empty order. photobook ±64p (A4size) peng jjimi doll(10cm keyring doll) B5 brochure 16p A2 poster photocard 10ea postcard 5ea FA sticker circle sticker 2ea overseas-fan gift : FA waffen form : https://goo.gl/forms/MWUOU0MXFwUceGo32

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Tampoi, Malaysia

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