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JM SOLUTION又推出新品啦🤩 👶婴儿面膜 准妈妈可以放心使用的一款面膜❤😌 #RM49/10片 一系列针对孕妈妈的面膜🤰就是因为针对的是孕期妈咪们,说明了产品天然属性,超级温和~绝对安全😍 4⃣款供选择: 😠生气宝宝 — 紧致面膜 有紧致提升轮廓的功效,面膜纸相当服帖~主打是氨基酸复合物和胶原蛋白,给肌肤深层滋润、补充弹力! 😄开心宝宝 — 美白面膜 含珍珠提取物和巴西灌木提取的美白成分,有效改善肌肤暗沉、提亮肤色,补水效果也很好! 😪睡觉宝宝 — 水库面膜 最基础的补水保湿款💦植物成分,有透明质酸和海藻糖成分,清爽滋润,晒后补水用这款没错! 😯惊讶宝宝 — 淡斑面膜 超特别的网状面膜纸,乳霜妆质地的精华液,成分有谷胱胺肽和氨甲环酸,主打祛斑效果,有效淡化痘印~孕期容易有长斑迹象强烈推荐这款! JM SOLUTION has launched a new product. 👶 Baby Mask A mask that your mother can use with confidence ❤😌 #RM49/10片 A series of masks for pregnant mothers are aimed at the pregnant moms, indicating the natural properties of the product, super mild ~ absolutely safe 😍 4 models to choose from: 😠 angry baby — firming mask It has the effect of tightening the contours, and the mask paper is quite docile. The main products are amino acid complexes and collagen, which deeply moisturize and replenish the skin! 😄Happy baby — whitening mask Containing pearl extract and whitening ingredients extracted from Brazilian shrubs, it effectively improves skin dullness, brightens skin tone, and hydrating effect is also very good! 😪 sleeping baby — reservoir mask The most basic hydrating moisturizing 💦 plant ingredients, hyaluronic acid and trehalose ingredients, refreshing and moisturizing, after hydrating with water, this is true! 😯 Surprised baby — light mask Super special mesh mask paper, the essence of cream makeup texture, the ingredients are glutathione and tranexamic acid, the main effect of freckle, effectively dilute acne marks ~ easy to have signs of long spots during pregnancy is strongly recommended this!

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JM mask


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2019 Oct

Nice Product really suitable for me