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Dermatologically tested, this Top-to-Toe cleanser is suitable for everyday use. Free of any SLS, Parabens & Harsh Chemical Further uncover the intimate bond between parent and child. Rich in Vitamin E, our intensive baby shampoo cleanses and protects their young developing skin whilst protecting the natural moisture barrier. Dermatologically tested, it is suitable for daily use. Apply the delightful Joielle Baby Lotion for added moisturising protection. Made with the highest standards of baby care in mind, the lotion's rich Vitamin E and Aloe Vera Extract has been formulated to ensure your little one's absolute comfort. Suitable for daily use on young sensitive skin. Halal Product. How to use :- Lather all over body using hand or sponge. Rinse thoroughly. Contain :- 1 x Baby Oil 60ml 1 x Baby Bath 60ml 1 x Baby Shampoo 60ml 1 x Baby Head-to-Toe 60ml 1 x Baby Lotion 60ml 1 x Baby Cream 30g Caution :- For external use only

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