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ALL RM40!! because want to clear all of them...don't want it anymore so i sell it cheap SNSD - TTS "Twinkle" Album + Photocard - RM 40 SNSD "The Boys" Album (no photocard) - RM 30 SNSD "Lion Heart" Album + Photocard - RM 40 SNSD JESSICA ver. IGAB Album - RM 40 SNSD TIFFANY ver IGAB Album - RM 40 (RESERVED) Apink "Pink Memory (red ver)" Album (no photocard) - RM 40 Apink "PINK REVOLUTION" Album (no photocard) only - RM 40 BUY ALL ALBUM RM 230 ⓘ if you have any question please comment down below or pm me on whatsapp 😊 01120831654 ☜ here's my number to pm me dont call 🙅

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