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The outstanding fiber optic lighting system is an amazing technology, it is wireless and solar powered, no need to change your car electrical system, but gives your car awesome look, especially in the night. It is more than just a protective part but an innovation on your car appearance. Specification: -Color: black -Material:Plastic -Size: 2.5m x 6cm -Packing weight: 1.5kg Package Included: 1x Bumper spoiler 1x Insulation tape 1x Magnet piece 10x Screw 2x Cable tie -Preferred: preheat the plastic surface Before sticking it. Useful Tips If light could not be activated for first time use, it might be out of power during transportation. Please leave it in sunlight to charge solar panel for at least 3-5hours. If light could not be open in daytime, don't worry, it designed to work at night/dark circumstance. You can make the light open by covering the light sensors at the two ends of solar panel, and use the magnet to turn on the light at the same time. If magnet does not work, take it easy, the switch sensor might not be in the center of solar panel.Just need to move the magnet in the area until light open.

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