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Lissage Moist Cream Cleansing (125g)




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100% Authentic. Bought at Japan 🇯🇵 ORIGINAL PRICE: RM94 CONDITION: 100% New! Never used. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: The Moist Cleaning Cream from Lissage is an innovative skin care and cleansing product that is effective in cleaning the face and ensuring that it is healthy. This cleansing cream is an effective makeup removal agent, able to remove most skin cosmetic types, even the type that can adhere to the skin quite well so as to minimize the need for re-application. As a makeup removal agent, this cleansing cream is quite beneficial as it is able to remove even stubborn makeup without much effort, removing the need for intensive rubbing of the skin. Depending on the sensitivity of the skin, intensive rubbing could leave bruises and welts, and on the face, this could be quite visible. The Lissage Moist Cleaning Cream is infused with olive oil and by gently massaging the cream on the skin, it can penetrate more deeply and permeate the skin cells with its nutritive properties. The infusion of olive oil into this cleaning cream allows it to remove sebum and the oily deposits that some cosmetic products tend to leave as a natural by-product of being used. This is because olive oil actually draws out other oily substances to it. Olive oil also has natural antimicrobial properties, so it will not only eliminate any bacteria that might be residing on your face, but it will also clean your pores and the contours of the face where bacteria might be hidings. The Lissage Cleaning cream also works well as a massage cream for the face, as the massaging motion being done while it is being applied to remove makeup will also encourage better blood circulation along the skin. Better blood circulation means improved oxygen and nutrient distribution to the cells and skin tissues, thus ensuring the tissues and cells of the skin remain healthy regardless of the everyday stress and trauma that it may be exposed to. HOW TO USE: • Rich cream spreads smoothly while massaging it onto your skin with your fingers. • Massaging it lightly onto your skin promotes blood circulation while removing make-up and sebum. • Provides intensive nourishment for smooth and elastic skin. • Contains olive oil, collagen MT. • Either tissue off or Rinse it. Unscented, no color.

3 months ago In Skin, Bath, & Body


Lissage Japan


Cleanser & Exfoliator



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gud seller, sangat baik, sangat mudah berurusan dan sangat bertanggungjawab, barang sampai dengan selamat, tq sis 5*👍🏻