Kongsi Dengan Rakan-rakan

This list is for me and other friends to keep track of those - backout buyer that did not show up for COD - cancelled last min. when seller is at location - no reply without valid reason, choose to MIA after that If want to cancel just inform directly - Carousell, Whatsapp etc. with days and hours in advance kept track and communicated. So if all the sudden gave lame excuse and cancel. I felt these are pranksters. 1) Username: s3r3ndipity +60 12-265 5654 Made offer. Told me she takes LRT. Can come to my station which is less thn 10mins away. Ask for my contact. Followed by dramas of rescheduled week after week when I tried to meet her at her designated Lrt station initially she agreed thn. whn I am at the LRT station only she would reply that she cannot make it. Week after week dragging into months. I should hv just ditch her when she refused to click on "Offer" . Anyway after repeatedly bail out, she refused postage and just go "aiyah cancel lah" thus I am creating this as a record. I should have done these earlier as I discovered a list of pranksters who went MIA/back out of deal. These people have no respect for our time and business. These are one of the reason why I don't do COD. It's because I can't afford to stretch myself and put up with the demands of drama queens life. I also regretted for not sharing out my previous no show and back out cases & for not making a feedback on the profile... which turned out to give the same treatment to others. Honestly if you buyer do not want/have, time/trust/financial issues... simple just message - do not want. Please cancel. On that day or week.Do not drag, make the seller wait, schedule appointment. Don't create dramas thn go "But I didnt want anymore or I tak minta beli pun or worse I didnt force u to sell/reserve" - - - seriously thn why make offer, give your contact? So many childish users. If you know any one like that please share the name/username and contact and comment below. Tq ========== 1) s3r3ndipity 012265 5654 - Multiple times postpone on COD, initially buyer offered to come station but always last min. cancelled thn rescheduled over 5X eventually gave lame excuse after 2 months to cancel order. 2) thehungrybimbo 0132060848 - Multiple cases no show up on COD. Ignored whatsapp on COD time. Joybidder. 3) Car plate no: WTY7890 - PERSONA. Phone: 0173134984 , 017241 8249 , 01162281809 Scammer ID: pecintaabadi Went MIA on COD after pretend to do bank in transaction thn. came back later for COD and went to seller's apartment for COD but snatch the item and drove off. Police report has been filed. Ref. to victim/seller user ID: curv3r if you hv more info. Update: 9/10/2017 The scammer has been caught by the police less than 2 months after the police report has been made. The victim only has the phone no. & car plate no. but the victim made the post viral & other victims also went to the police. Long story short, undercover sting operation & nabbed not only the scammer but another scammer. So two scammers down! They operate in a group & now they on to the head snake. So the FASTER, earlier you report to the police, while they are fresh on trail it's easier. 4) Multi account user: @johnmeco Iryn Queen @qos4688 Mobile: 017 2255303, 019 3369393 Stood up during COD. Changed COD meet up several times. Only when the seller was at location, he would bail out. **UPDATE: 26/9/2017 Apparently this person is a scammer. Maybank 112343029851 Phang See Chong ID: skypsc Sold camera/DSLR equipment Already scammed another Carousell user: rahimidin 5) Serial Joybidder & MIA, will trick seller for COD & communicate via whatsapp but MIA when seller is at the location ID: jebon141184 Mobile: 0197745058 6) Multiaccount Scammer: ID1#: aliefashraff ID2#: muhammadalifashraf1999 01123165922 - Will make offer - Prompt communication via whatsapp call - Once seller arrive at destionation - Will ignore & block seller - Mostly selling electronics, mobile gadgets 7) Nama: Haliq Mobile/Whatsapp: 0132889984 Carousell username: pshaari This user tried to nego for discount. After I have rejected & informed cannot discount too much as that specific item is store/retail items and only 10% can be given and informed Pos Laju charges, the user expressed interest to come to my area for COD several times. The user request for weekend then set a specific day since she/he was not willing to pay for shipment and based at Petaling Jaya as well. When the weekend/day arrived via Whatsapp and Carousell. All message/calls went unattended. Felt fishy as this user been contacting me since 12th Dec. everyday expressing interest but bail out all the sudden. Seriously a time waster. *Not I did not leave a feedback coz. I rejected her initial offer price. Since she was not willing to pay for Postage, she insist she want to come COD.