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[LOOSE ITEM] BTS 2020 SEASONS GREETINGS - 2nd preorder (already ordered) - please read details



[MY GO] BTS 2020 Season’s Greetings [LOOSE ITEM] Price: 1- OUT SLEEVE - RM20 ❌ 2-DESK CALENDAR - RM60 ✅ 3-DIARY ❌ 4-MAKING DVD - RM35 ✅ 5-ID PHOTO SET (7EA 1SET) (RM15 for 2 member) RM✅ JIN❌ SUGA✅ JHOPE✅ V❌ JIMIN ✅ JUNGKOOK❌ 6-MINI POSTER SET (10EA 1SET) (RM25 for 2 pic) RM✅ JIN❌ SUGA✅ JHOPE✅ V❌ JIMIN✅ JUNGKOOK✅ UNIT ✅✅✅ 7-LENTICULAR❌ 8-GREETING MESSAGE CARD SET (14EA 1SET) (RM25 for 2 cards-1 member) -RM ❌ -JIN ❌ -SUGA ✅ -JHOPE ✅ -V ❌ -JIMIN ❌ -JUNGKOOK ✅ 9-SELFIE STICKER SET (2EA 1SET) (RM10 each) ❌❌ available - ✅ N/A - ❌ price exc postage (ctb for details/reserve/buy) _______________________________________________________________ OPEN ORDER: 4 DEC 2019 CLOSE ORDER: 29 DEC 2019 or until SOLD OUT/SLOT FULL NOTE 1: THIS’S 2ND PHASE PREORDER OPENED FROM WEPLY (bcs the 1st one unsuccessful- out of stock) NOTE 2: THIS 2ND PHASE WILL START SHIPPING STARTING 30 DEC 2019 (will got in JANUARY 2020) 🙂 NOTE 3: ALREADY ORDERED THIS BEFORE IT’S OUT OF STOCK (all the list with ✅ emoji is still available) 😊 tags #BTS #RM #JIN #SUGA #JHOPE #V #JIMIN #JUNGKOOK #NAMJOON #SEOKJIN #YOONGI #HOSEOK #TAEHYUNG #JIMIN #JUNGKOOK #BIGHIT #KPOP #SEASONSGREETINGS

1 month ago In K-Wave

Listed by 1004han

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2020 Jan

really great and kind seller to deal with, i received the item so well it was nice dealing with you..thank you so much❤️