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I ordered 7 for myself so I'm gonna sell 6 of them loosely !! All will be in good condition ETA is 1-2 weeks after 30/6/17 it'll be shipped to me, it'll take 3-5 days for me to post it out and 1-6 days to reach you depending where you stay Trusted seller !! Price in pos to wm 0 x full set without lenticular card (will reveal which member later) rm200 0 x photobook with outbox only rm150 0 x outbox only rm80 0 x photobook only rm135 1 x paper frame (bst era) rm48 1 x paper frame (ynwa era) rm48 0 x lenticular cards depend on the member I'll state the members price below but DONT ask me to buy this as idk what I will get cause it is random Jungkook rm51 Jimin rm53 Hobi rm40 Jin rm38 Namjoon rm38 Tae rm48 Yoongi rm43 (ALL CARDS ARE RESERVED) REMEMBER DONT ASK ME OR COMMENT ABOUT THE LENTICULAR CARDS CAUSE LIKE I REALLY DONT KNOW WHICH MEMBER ILL GET

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Preferably on weekends at any time

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