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Pre ❤️ • Brand : Louis Vuitton • Status : NOT ORIGINAL ?! 🙏🏼👇🏼 (Bought from a bundle, although they claimed its original, I really don't know ; so maybe it is or maybe its not 🤔) • Colour : White/Multiple Colour • Type : Signature Canvas • Condition : 6/10 (Signs of well used ; scuffs on the edges plus a few dirty marks on the edges and on the body, a bit of tarnished on hardwares, there's some bend marks on the Patina strap etc., but overall, the bag is still okay...furthermore, you can send the bag to a spa and it will be almost new again...😊(pls do dm me for more photos...) • No too fussy buyer pls, because is not original lah (I think) 😁... • Free Postage! • No dustbag and receipt etc. • Priority given to the 1st confirmed buyer

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