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3 in 1 LED meter is a car gadget to enhance in-car driving experience. With LED display on digital time, temperature (in/out) and also voltage reading, this device is suitable for all cars Digital Time - clearly display clock time in 12/24 hours format, it is easy to read, while help drivers to concentrate on the road Digital temperature - can read the weather - in celcius/ctgrade, this device will indicate to driver the weather inside and outside the cabin - for setting up the air-condition Digital voltage - tell drivers the battery voltage - healthy reading 12.5-14.5, which is clearly indicated to avoid car breakdown. Flat battery don't give warning, this gadget can help to indicate battery health, to avoid breakdown and ensure car performance is always maintained. Recommended for women driver, to avoid being stranded in quiet parking area, if reading shows weak battery - change immediately at the nearest service centre or with foreman you can trust 3 in 1 LED meter - comes in bright red and blue color, you can change colour with just a switch! Depend on your driving mood, 3 in 1 LED meter provides sharp and bright color, that change your dashboard immediately after installation. This device helps to transform your dull dashboard into a new cockpit. Night driving will never be the same again with 3 in 1 LED meter. This gadget can be install in all car type - comes with plug and play wires and sockets for easy installation. Driver can also install by-wiring into the dashboard, whatever way, the gadget looks good on the dashboard.

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