Milestone Baby & Pregnancy Card

Shah Alam, Malaysia

Kongsi Dengan Rakan-rakan

Never used - forgot bought this items Retail price RM75 for each - both RM150 What is in the box: 2 boxes 1 X Milestone Cards Milestone Baby Cards 1 X Milestone Cards Milestone Pregnancy Cards Pregnancy card 30 photo cards to capture the miracle of your pregnancy and the first weeks of your newborn baby. Our award winning set that expecting parents can use to capture their pregnancy and first weeks of their newborn baby. From the first pregnancy test, the first kick, the growing belly, pregnancy cravings and the baby’s room to the first outfit, presents and cards and favorite toy.  Baby card The set that started it all. Our award winning Milestone™ Baby Cards are 30 photo cards that you can use to capture your baby’s first year in weeks, months and memorable moments. Add a card to your baby pictures and you will never forget when your little one slept through the night, rolled over or said mama for the first time.