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shipping:rm10 colour; blue,green,red,white Motion Light Sensor Car Bike Motorcycle Wheel Tyre Tire Valve Flys Stem Caps Light Glow Flash Neon LED Quantity 1 Lot Of 4 Pieces Extra Details: Universal Bike Car Tyre Tire Valve Caps Neon Light Lamp Wheel LED Brand New! Bright Neon LED Great Brightness • This item works excellent on every car with any kinds of wheels and tires, even on motorcycles, bicycles, Car, and Trucks • If you want to add that personal touch to your Car, Bike - lighting is one of the best ways • They are self contained with light & motion sensors, LEDs, and replaceable built-in watch batteries • When it is dark and your wheels start to move, they automatically light up. • When you stop they will switch off to save battery power • Light & Motion Sensor, will on only when vehicle is in motion and in dark • Bright Neon LED per Light, great brightness • Light Sensor, only light up in dark environment and while wheels are spinning • Automatically turn off either when it is too bright or after the wheels stopped 10 seconds • Easy to install, twist off your original valve cap, and replace with our valve cap LED light Note there are cheaper versions in the market with only motion sensor which will light up in the day also These are Dual Sensor Light & Motion Included 3 Alkaline 1.5V Batteries per Light. Total 12 Batteries included 1 minute easy installation--taking off your old valve and replace it. Special Note: The Package Contains 4 Tire Valves with LED Complete Set for one 4 wheel vehicle The LED’s are flashing type (Not Constant ON) If you wish to buy Constant On, please check our other listings Legal Information / NOTICE TO CONSUMER Laws governing the use of custom lighting vary from state to state. Some of these lights, or some colors may not be street-legal in some states, and are offered for parking lot, off-road or show use only. Some of the products we sale are for racing and off-road vehicle only, lighting products are solely as auxiliary lighting. Please check with your local DMV or vehicle department for regulations and information, we is not responsible for any legal issues regarding of any product you purchase here Please check legality of the product before with your local authorities before purchasing. VERY IMPORTANT PLEASE READ BEFORE BUYING The LED’s are flashing type (Not Constant ON)

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