Kongsi Dengan Rakan-rakan

*Item is not available for COD. Only for bank in to delivery or self collect. *Delivery fee is exclude from price. reference video: https://youtu.be/xmRaIrfCAhA -100% Brand New and High Quality -Easy to install -Turn wasted space into storage space -Coordinates nicely with any car make or model -Ideal for handbags, shopping bags and umbrellas -Hang your purse, handbag, or small shopping bag -Swing to the back of the seat when you want to hang grocery or shopping bags. -Swing to the front (if using on passenger side) to hang your purse, handbag, or small shopping bag. -Convenient all purpose hooks for hanging items like clothes, bags and more from the back of many automotive headrests. -The rotation axis on the headrest of the front seat, it can bear the pothook of 500 milliliters plastic bottle. -When you come back from convenience stores, it's easy to hang the convenience bags, it also can hang trash. -Convenient, easy to use, easy to hold.

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