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Snowflake's 3rd photobook - LOVE YOU - will be released soon! We are waiting for your love and participation! ♥ Details of the Photobook B5size / about 180p / photos of 2015 ~ 2017 including Snowflake's unreleased photos ♥ Special Gifts All Depositors : METAR WIRE KEYRING , Mini DVD (Running time TBA), Photo cards, Polaroid Set, Fan Special benefits for Group purchasing (over 10 photobooks): postcards ♥ Schedule Deposit period : 5/1 - 6/20 Shipping Schedule : July ♥ Price (deposit only) 1EA: RM165/$37 2EA: RM330/$76 3EA: RM495/$114 ♥ Additional keyring purchasing 1EA: RM50/$12 2EA: RM100/$24 DATELINE DEPOSIT: 19 JUNE 2017 NOTED: SECOND PAYMENT WILL BE NOTICE BY EMAIL.

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