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Natursutten Butterfly Orthodontic Natural Pacifier, M (6-12 Months) — Italy Ergonomic Eco Friendly For Baby Babies Infant Newborn Toddler Rubber Latex Non-Toxic Plastic Free Safe Ventilated Teat Shield Binky Dummy Soother Teether Puting Kuning 扁头 天然橡胶 奶嘴


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New is the authorized retailer of Natursutten® in Malaysia. All products are in stock and will be shipped within 24 business hours. Natursutten Butterfly is designed to leave room for baby's nose. The naturally soft material has several advantages: • No cracks, crevices or joints where bacteria can hide. • Follows baby's natural mouth movements. • Does not leave marks on baby's face. • Has shown incredible strength in stretch-tests. • Environmentally friendly, sustainable and biodegradable. • Better for our planet and for your baby. Orthodontic size M is recommended for babies from 6 until 12 months old. Instructions for use is in the packing. Every pack contains one original Natursutten® pacifier. Packaging is environmentally friendly using FSC certified paper from sustainable forestry, free of harmful chemicals. NATURSUTTEN • The real Natursutten pacifier has its trademark engraved in the shield. • Natursutten is manufactured and tested in Europe. • Conforms to European, US, Japanese, Australian and Korean standards. • Made from rubber milk sourced from sustainable rubber tree plantations. • Manufactured under European safety standards and control. • Environmentally friendly and biodegradable. SPECIFICATIONS • Material: Natural rubber latex • Color: Natural • Size: M (6-12 Months) • Origin: Italy • Package contents: 1 Natursutten Butterfly orthodontic natural rubber pacifier - Natursutten Butterfly 扁头天然安抚奶嘴, M ( 6-12 个月) 是 Natursutten® 在马来西亚的授权零售商。 所有产品均有现货,将在 24 工作小时内发货。 Natursutten Butterfly 旨在为宝宝的鼻子留出空间。天然柔软的材料有几个优点: • 没有细菌可以隐藏的缝隙或接头处。 • 跟随宝宝的自然口腔动作。 • 不会在宝宝的脸上留下印记。 • 在拉伸测试中表现出极佳的韧性。 • 环保、可持续性和可生物降解。 • 更适合地球和宝宝。 扁头 M 建议给 6 至 12 个月大的宝宝。 使用说明在包装内。每包装包含一个正版 Natursutten® 奶嘴。环保包装,采用来自可持续林业的 FSC 认证纸张,不含有害化学物质。 NATURSUTTEN • 真正的 Natursutten 奶嘴在挡板上刻有它的商标。 • Natursutten 在欧洲制造和测试。 • 符合欧洲、美国、日本、澳大利亚和韩国的标准。 • 由源自可持续发展橡胶树种植园的乳胶制成。 • 根据欧洲安全标准和控制制造。 • 环保且可生物降解。 规格参数: • 材质:天然乳胶 • 颜色:原色 • 尺寸:M( 6-12 个月) • 产地:意大利 • 包装内容:1 个 Natursutten Butterfly 扁头天然乳胶安抚奶嘴

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