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MERICAN RESEARCH's high-value powered subs have long enjoyed a solid reputation for their sound quality, and the AR-15 is no exception. Slim is the new IN and the same goes with car systems. A lot of people want an earful of bass without the bulky subwoofer box that needs to be fitted in the trunk of the car. This extremely compact subwoofer allows it to be installed in many obscured places, like tucked neatly underneath a seat away from immediate eyesight and kids. Features aside, what’s most important is that this fun-sized subwoofer delivers the bass it promises. Worry no more because the AR-15 is packed with an impressive built-in MOSFET amplifier which boosts no less than 150 watts (75 watts x 2) maximum output power. Its specially designed 25cm double voice coil subwoofer produces a deep and tight sounding bass reproduction that suits any kind of music; be it electronic, rock, classical or jazz. The system is able to achieve a sound pressure level of 91dB, while frequency response starts from a low of 30Hz and goes all the way up to a high of 150Hz. A subwoofer that’s compact and convenient with an overall robust sound and powerful performance, what’s not to like about the AR-15? Features: Maximum output power: 150W (75W x 2) Output Impedance: 2 OHM + 2 OHM Frequency Response: 30-150Hz S/N (A): 91dB Maximum Current Consumption: 8 A RCA Input: 82mV Speaker Input: 0.8V Voltage: 14.4V (10V-16V) Size: 360 x 276 x 76 mm

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Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

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GDEX Pos RM25 Sabah/Sarawak RM90

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