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project chai Language english We are looking for respondents(companies) who subscribe telco plan for staff Corporate Idi(in depth interview) Token RM 400 Criteria Manager or Director and decision maker of company's mobile operator subscription mobile operator subscription products(corporate) 1. celcom business M (20 jun at 11am) 2. celcom business L (20 jun at 3pm) 3. digi business m (21 jun at 11am) 4. digi business L (21 jun at 3pm) SME fgd Token rm 350 date: 23 jun at 11am Criteria Business owner and decision maker of company's mobile operator Mobile operator subscription (SME) 1. Digi business S 2. Digi business M 3. celcom first 1+5 family plan 4. celcom first blue/gold/gold plus/platinum business(either one) If u are interested to participate with the survey pls send your details as follow Name: Ic: Contact: Occupation/Position: Industry: number of staff: Highest education level: Telco plan: 0166452015

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