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Kongsi Dengan Rakan-rakan

Full image please see below link : https://twitter.com/OfficialMonstaX/status/873097929552142337 Click into the form link get more details, thanks https://goo.gl/forms/4M1U6Hmrrf5kufqf1 There will be 3 stages of payment. 1. Original Price (RM60) + postage (RM6 for WM, RM11 for EM) for album + packaging fee (RM3) 2. EMS fee (estimate RM4-6) - Pay after 19June 3. Tax payment (estimate RM2-4) - Pay when album reach Malaysia Order Deadline : 19 June *So, I will order in bulks, sure will detained by customs, so tax payment will be needed. *Since I either order less or more also will detained by customs, why not I order in bulks? *If cannot wait, please don't buy with me *One person have been limit only can buy 4 albums or less than. *Either you buy one or two or three or four albums, postage will be RM6, packaging fee will be RM3 So the calculation will be RM60+6+3+5+3= RM77 The exact amount might be lesser than that. So, conclusion, for the first stage payment you have to make payment of RM69 for WM area, EM area RM74 - One album RM129 for WM area, EM area RM134 - Two album RM189 for WM area, EM area RM194 - Three album RM249 for WM area, EM area RM254 - Four album *Reply might be slow as I'm working