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Hello, I'm sending some gifts and letters to Namjoon during mid-August and if any of you would like to send handwritten fan letters to rap monster aka namjoon or jungkook, please chat with me. ☠️ READ BEFORE ENQUIRING ☠️ • OPEN FOR RAP MONSTER/NAMJOON and JUNGKOOK ONLY • PLEASE BE AWARE THAT ONLY NAMJOON CAN READ ENGLISH SO PLEASE WRITE IN HANGUL IF YOU PLAN TO SEND TO JUNGKOOK • U DONT HAVE TO PAY A SINGLE CENT FOR EMS/SHIPPING • ACCEPTING HAND-WRITTEN FAN LETTERS AND GIFTS (LIMITED SLOTS) • YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR SHIPPING FEES IF YOU'RE SENDING GIFTS • FOOD/SNACKS ARE PROHIBITED AND CAN'T BE SENT ALONG • ALL U HAVE TO DO IS DM ME AND MAIL THE LETTER TO ME AND I'LL SHIP IT ALONG WITH MY GIFTS 🎁 • DATELINE- AUG 10 (EVERYTHING HAS TO BE SENT TO BE BEFORE AUG 10) • Please help to spread with your other ARMY friends ❣️ 🙅 RULES 🙅 • OPEN FOR ALL ARMYS (regardless you're multifandom or anything) • PLEASE DO NOT ASK THEM TO FULFILL YOUR REQUESTS TO OTHER MEMBERS i .e please tell [member's name] I love him a lot OR please ask [member's name] to go on vlive ETC • ANY paper form will be acceptable; A4 paper, birthday card, postcard or even a small memo • There are no limits i.e you can even send 100 letters to RM or JK and I won't mind ㅋㅋ 🙏🏼 Even if they aren't your bias, just write them a short letter~ if you don't have enough contents to write, please hmu I can give u some ideas. Just make sure it's heartfelt and written sincerely with all your love. U don't even need to pay a cent so please send them your regards and love ❤️. TIPS: you can do your own ARMY SELCA DAY, print it out and glue it on your letter too 😊 doodles and fanarts will be great too ✏️ 💗 I'm doing this because I'm a (huge huge huge) adequate of namjoon and BTS as a whole 💜 🎊LETS SEND ALOT OF LOVE TO NAMJOON AND JUNGKOOK! ❤❤ our NAMKOOK deserves a lot ㅠㅠ TAGS: BTS BANGTAN RAP MONSTER NAMJOON JUNGKOOK SUGA YOONGI JIMIN TAEHYUNG V JHOPE JIN HOSEOK

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