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Hello to all my buyers. i know it's already been so late for u guys to receive the albums. it is not that i keep delaying it. i had faced few unexpected problems tht i'm not even want it to happen 1st, on 15th May i went to RHB to pay my credit card but suddenly the system down n my money was stuck. it is not credited to my card and i had to wait around 2 and half days to settle it off. so i ordered the albums a bit late. 2nd, after the orders were successfully ordered, i had to wait around 7 days for all of it to process. i received my 1st box earlier becoz i ordered it using the remaining balance in my card before it was credited.. after that i was told on 25th May my 2nd and 3rd box will be sent out. but unfortunately after 5 days i didn't receive my 3rd box, i contact Gmarket and it took them a day to reply me.. as in 3rd photo, they replied me and it took another 7 days to arrive. it delayed a lot and i couldn't settle it batch by batch becoz orders were split up. 3rd, on 9/06 i already ready to post half of the parcel (folded poster option) but suddenly the post office was close due to system down. i attached the photo. 4th, this tuesday i'll try to post it ASAP. I'm not an irresponsible seller that keep delaying the item. before this my previous orders were doing great and i am one of the seller that sent out the item on time. once again, sorry guys. i'll try my best. pray that everything will be going well. thanks for spending ur time to read it.

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