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NUK Premium Choice+ Twin Pack With PP Bottles for sale with NUK Anti-Colic Wideneck Teat (FREE) A very nice twin bottles with fancy patterns. Used this type of teat since my baby was a newborn before I change to classic NUK teat. From that moment on, she no longer want premium choice teat (too bad for me as I love this bottle SO MUCH!) The teat and bottle are easy to clean as they are wider in size. Also the orthodontist approved teat design supports healthy and nicely developed gums and teeth of the baby. (Yes, proved by my baby, she developed a very nicely shaped gums and teeth 😆) Suitable for both breastfeed and bottlefeed baby as the teats resembles mother's nipple shape - easier to train newborn to use bottle for the first time Package includes 2 bottles with L size teats plus 2 extra teats free. Includes postage to SM.

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