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Nursing, Maternity Bra, Lingerie, Pregnancy Bra Friendly for: Maternity Ladies Breastfeeding Comfortable! No harmful underneath wiring! Protects your breast! Good for growing breast during pregnancy, and Engorged Breast during breastfeeding! Easy clip and unclip for breastfeeding moms! I only recommend items which I am personally using it! LOVE THE PRODUCT IT IS SUPER COMFORTABLE! What are you waiting for! BUY 1 FREE 1 OFFER NOW! Color available: PINK, BLUE, BLACK, SKIN COLOR

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Payment 1st Deliver within 2 weeks! Once payment received will deliver immediately. Kindly send me payment receipt/Bank in Receipt through carousell! Maybank Belinda Ong Beng Shin 164481152239 Hong Leong Bank Belinda Ong Beng Shin 40700013452